Thursday, May 22, 2008

Glad to be off the edge of my seat

My silly and wonderful boyfriend interviewed for an amazing job more than two months ago. It has been a looooong and grueling process for all parties involved. We've both been on the edge of seats, giddily discussing all the exciting things that could happen if he got the job.

Now I will share them with you.

If boyfriend got the job...
  • Boyfriend and I could take the bus to work together in the morning.
  • We could meet for lunch in the park; which is conveniently between both of our offices.
  • Boyfriend could take advantage of the tuition reimbursement program.
  • We could afford to travel more.
  • Oh, and get married!
Well... guess what? He got the job! Hooooray! Woooop woooop!

When he called his mom to tell her the good news, she immediately asked, "Do you hear wedding bells?" His reply, "I hear someone doing the dishes." Very funny, mister. SOMEONE had to clean them. (Don't worry ladies, I happily* do the dishes in exchange for his delicious home-cooked meals. I don't have the cooking gene.)

So excited!

*Well, maybe "happily" is too strong of a word, on second thought.


Anonymous said...

Congrats boyfriend! How amazing for you both. I hope everything on that list happens!

Heather said...